Our Vision | Our Purpose | Our Values

Our Vision

To be a University of Excellence, Opportunity and Impact.

Our vision builds on over two hundred years of academic excellence; on our commitment to and achievements in equality, diversity and inclusion in higher education; and on our societal mandate for public good as a civic university with significant local, regional, national and international impact.

We are a university which makes a significant contribution to the creation of a better society: a university of excellence, opportunity and impact.

We define ourselves as having a significant stake in all three – academic and professional excellence; providing life-changing opportunities for all who can benefit from higher education; and creating a positive impact on society through our students, our research and by building sustainable communities.

Our Purpose

To imagine and create better futures for all.

We believe in the power of our University and its people to imagine and create better futures for all. We see ourselves as a catalyst for creativity, imagination, critical thinking, constructive challenge and citizen empowerment.

We foster dialogue with society to ask and explore important questions with curiosity, expertise and an independent mind.

We imagine and create better futures for everyone, without discrimination, without judgement, without bias. We continue to be committed to social justice and to the development of a sustainable future for our planet and its people.

We push the boundaries of science, imagination and the human mind in order to create better futures for generations to come.

We educate our students to be global citizens and the next generation of leaders and change-makers, committed to making a positive impact on our future.

We are a civic university, tackling challenges facing regional, national and global communities, creating sustainable economic prosperity and advancing social cohesion through high quality education and world-class research.

We see ourselves as an anchor institution in society, providing stability as a centre of knowledge, expertise and critical insight in a time of uncertainty and disinformation.

We are excited about the power of our purpose to transform lives, communities and our planet for the better.

Our Values

Maynooth University’s values define who we are, what we believe in and how we act as a community.

Our values underpin our future success. They guide our expectations of ourselves and each other, and set a framework for our behaviour and how we approach our work.

Our values apply to everyone in the University community


We act with integrity in the best interests of our University.


We are a collegial community with a shared purpose which we pursue with empathy, respect and an ethos of care.


We are a community where we are empowered to take agency and responsibility for our individual and collective actions within an open and transparent environment.

Freedom of Expression

We enquire and express ideas freely, with civility and responsibility.


We have an ambitious, flexible and innovative mindset when seeking opportunities and responding to challenges.